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- Nov 29, 2016 -

Oil painting art, covered more than 100 years of history in China. This is in this land of rooting, germination and growth of twists and turns of history, which it gradually into the blood of the history of the Chinese nation. Previously, oil painting as a technology has spread to China as early as in Ming dynasty, and draws a portrait of royalty, the nobility in the Court circles, those are works of foreign painters depicted, is being done by their Chinese students. Primarily for its historical value rather than the artistic value of the note. For more than 100 years, oil painting art, following the Chinese society has experienced ups and downs. , The movement, and the war of the revolution, the war of liberation, the cultural revolution, reform and opening up, these historical events to promote or impede social change, has granted it with the baptism, its trials and exercises. It has gone through several stages of development:-in 1937, was the first stage in the late 19th century. Oil painting to China immediately after participation in cultural enlightenment society. As a foreign art form, it gives Chinese people a fresh feel, while providing new aesthetic, promotes Chinese Justino Obama Nve change and social progress. 1938--1949, the second stage. In the anti-Japanese war and the war of liberation, because environmental and material conditions of the war, oil painting art, cannot be developed, but has been engaged in the art of the Impressionists, hone do or in the struggle of life, accumulated material for subsequent creations, or less behind to overcome to complete part of the work of the war, trained a group of young painters. Oil painting art in the midst of adversity. It temporarily repressed as a growing trunk by the relentless wind and rain, and become distorted but it still holds up development to life. 1949 People's Republic of China was established, national unity and national development, made for the development of oil painting time. 1949--1965 years, although oil painting had been "taking class struggle as the key link" interference of political movements, artists create motivation from time to time be limited or even a hit, but oil painting has been a great deal of development, artists have created many excellent works. Of course for their works brand of politics. During the 1966--1976 years of the cultural revolution period, painters and their art destroyed by heartless. Few allowed works mostly for "cultural revolution" purposes. Painting of the Renaissance was after the reform and opening up, China's new era (1977-present). More stability and peaceful political environment, more liberal artistic atmosphere, so that artists can safely engage in artistic creation; wider international art Exchange, enabling artists to learn more about contemporary art in the world. Economic development and people's lives improved significantly, for artists with inspiration and motivation. History of Chinese oil painting in the new period is also very calm, in advance with twists and turns, UPS and downs encountered many new problems, especially in the West's avant-garde activism impact effect of tide and commercialization. But from the momentum of the artistic creation, it is vibrant, creating the results are fruitful. Tends to diverse ideas and a variety of creative practice, is an important features, including oil painting fine art in the new era.

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