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- Nov 29, 2016 -

Oil painting art is a universal language. Art is not limited by borders and appreciated by different people around the world. In terms of art, it is difficult to set up, such as "European painting" and "Chinese oil painting" such claims because the painting as a universal art, a common standard, just because the creators of different nationalities in contents and technique of expression differences with each other. Therefore, we study the history of development of oil painting in China, in theory must be measured in a painting worldwide common standards. However, what is painting worldwide common standards? Generally speaking, oil painting art, there are three levels to examine: technical level, skill level and content level. Technology must cross the border, must master the ABC of painting technique, this is the most basic requirement. Use technology to express their feelings, depicting what they see, hear, feel, how to paint, how to, what skills, what form of problem. As classical realism oil painting, Europeans have a strong basis of realism that sketch. From Impressionist zhihou, European painting gradually steering performance sex, used symbol, and Freehand and abstract of technique, but because has with as, and realistic of based, has classical painting of origin, in space consciousness Shang still and they of traditional has line of contact, to people of feel still rich and not explicit Yu thin, has stereo of space atmosphere and not explicit depicting of epidermal of, even in they consciously out three dimensional space pursuit plane of Shi, is so. Oil painting techniques is another important aspect of color. As in European painting, European history, geography and cultural environments created paint art, European painting of the natural environment and climate determines their advantage lies in the paint instead of ink. European painting the beautiful color and harmony in the world is paying attention, but also cultivate a generation after generation painting of "eyes". Oil painting technique, in the sense of color and the application must meet certain requirements, must have color pass, master the methods of color contrast and harmony. Technologies, techniques and forms, and ultimately the spiritual content of. A work of art's key to success is not technology and skill, but it contains the mental capacity. Mental capacity have more extensive content, base of the most important works of art reflect the aesthetic feeling of depth. The aesthetic feeling of depth, you can touch the heart, whether written characters, or write landscapes, landscapes and still lifes.

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