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- Nov 29, 2016 -

Painting images of Genesis and evolution is a mutation of the gene for art history of the world. It is a traditional Chinese philosophy, aesthetics through the artistic expression of oil painting language, create a representation of the expression. It is not just subjective mental experiences, and contains images of the performance. Painting images expressing images and paintings blend of distinctive characteristics of Chinese dialysis natural images in ways of thinking and narrative aesthetic experience projection conversion to oil painting language structure and the formation of cultural identity. The creative ideas, the pursuit of "body with border, boundary and followed by" aesthetic character. In the creative process, refined intuition of aesthetic object to reach "to frame boundary, to shape, to add" State of harmony.

Hu Jiling once said that "the painting images: meaning, mood; like, in the heart of (relative). Everything is nothing, from the heart. Hearts have no intention, and no mood. "Painting images of China in pursuit of" heart tour for immediate "," I "a poetic mood. In order to achieve this kind of Fugue State, image of the painting images could not be confined to a particular time of reproduction, but rather artists through abstraction, generalization and subjective choice, fused their own impressions of natural images and insights, to express the image, carefully crafted image to convey a certain mood. China painting images, the main character, different from Western oil painting art is contained in its internal culture, is connected with the natural cosmic harmony of "harmony" universe, is the unique Chinese oriental cultural spirit in works of Chinese painting images and highlights of Chinese cultural values and aesthetic orientation.

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