Characteristics Of Foreign Oil Painting

- Nov 29, 2016 -

Classical oil painting on the whole are the result of oil painting language and other factors were used, r. camping clover Festival

Altar painting of the Annunciation of the meticulously rendered all indoor and outdoor scenes. Italy by Titian is the 1th special attention to oil painting color expressive painter, he painted on the dark background, and common values close slightly different hues of bright colours, constitutes a magnificent golden tone, transparent pigment cascade multiple times, and thick or thin strokes, and organic mix of color and form, creating a textured effect.

Starting from 18th century, oil painting art, also in the social, cultural, science and technology under the impact of multiple factors, have been transformed, devastating changes. More schools, more thinking, more creative, more profound and more influential theory, encourages, deconstruction, rebel, contests, and the flowers blossom. China oil painting first appeared in the coffin, according to Zhou, Chinese books and other literature is written, more than 2000 years ago in China have been useful "fuel" to the history of painting. Usual argument is 1581 he brought God, Madonna to China, began oil painting in China, one "wooden Americans" work has lasted 500 years, still faintly visible style is simple and heavy.

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