Classic Oil Paintings

- Nov 29, 2016 -

Oil painting has undergone the process of development of classical, modern and contemporary periods, paintings of different periods of art in the age of ideological control and skill constraints, presenting a different face.

Oil painting history laid the classical paintings of the early development of realistic tendency. 15th century of European Renaissance movement in the, humanism thought for on religious of criticism, has concern social reality of active requirements, many famous painter for gradually out single of to Christian classic for theme of creation, began on at life in the of characters, and landscape, and items for observation and directly depicting, makes religious theme of works containing with obviously of reality secular factors, some painter completely depicting reality life of real. Painters of the Renaissance inherited the Greece, Roman art, which focuses not only on works to describe an event or fact, to reveal the causes and effects of events or facts, and a typical plot focused on ideas and shaping the image of typical artistic techniques. Meanwhile, the painters also exploration of Anatomy and perspective in painting application, picture the role of distribution of light and shade, forming a model of the scientific principles. Human Anatomy of using makes painting in the of characters styling has has like real like accurate of proportion, and form, and structure relationship; focus perspective method of established makes painting through composition formed illusion of depth space, painting in the of scene and reality in the directed of moments Visual feel same; shade method makes painting in the of images unified in a main light issued of light Xia, formed near of clear level. Humanistic art topics and pursue realistic modeling concepts cannot be improved in other paintings, because the tool material constraints, and painting properties of tool material is suitable for both amply demonstrated. Thus, classical paintings produced by the long and highly realistic look.

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