Color Language

- Nov 29, 2016 -

Through the development of oil painting, you can see that beauty is constantly digging and created.

Oil paint thick pile of features and strong plasticity is unmatched by other paintings, this feature makes it produce oil paintings in the perceptions and emotional resonance of rhythm and dynamics. In the presence of the brush, shape is not just a complete styling tasks, but also texture effects have a direct impact on the image. Rembrandt, Rubens is adept at grasping and controlling the texture of people because the texture directly convey the artist's feelings, influences the work intensity of infection. So-called reasonable show includes not only the texture of the object the texture of texture imitation and reproduction, including description and performance of the overall mood of the picture. In the traditional realist painting, texture reproduction of the texture is quite equal to the task, the object's delicate sense of texture and roughness are available the appropriate texture to imitate, but this is a very passive behavior, but that texture is the beauty of those who can show footage of the rhythm and the emotion of the artist, with the texture of a harmonious order. The texture is often beyond the limitations of texture and the spirit of the gas across the screen and the viewer's heart, pulling away from the Figurative beauty of color layer. In this sense, it is abstract. But in traditional oil painting which in turn attached to a realistic object, integrated in the overall atmosphere from small to large.

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