- Nov 29, 2016 -

In the 20th century oil paintings, different genres are formed by different artistic concepts and constraints presented in many forms of art, some aspects of the traditional oil painting techniques as a form of artistic concepts are reinforced, or even been pushed to extremes, formal language of oil painting are highly valued. For example: ignore freedom of color and the main body structure of cubism; pay attention to the color balance effect in animals through color and strokes the unordered use of twisted psychological Expressionism; purely on color picture of point, line and surface form of abstract expressionism, and pigment free throw, throwing, trickle down into abstract expressionism on the canvas. Numerous school of modern painting in the West during the past century, have been replaced, as long as the tool material for modeling medium of oil painting, oil painting artists can create any look.

With the expansion of artistic ideas, resulting in oil painting materials combined with other materials, do not belong to a particular comprehensive art of painting, oil painting and also to lose in the West as the main picture of trends in species status.

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