Drafting Tools

- Nov 29, 2016 -

(1) carbon. Bars and charcoal are suitable for sketch on canvas or wood. Charcoal is better, because it marks a lighter, more easily wiped off, more flexible to use. Bars can leave a strong line, make the outline more clearly.

(2) charcoal. Fine lines, more suitable for the details. Someone not in favor of using a pencil, that printed up out of the Pan under the oil layer.

(3) the color of chalk and crayons. On the canvas using not too much, to avoid the use of white or light colored. In this sketch too much using colored chalk or Crayon will cause instability.

(4) watercolor and Acrylic colors. Thin watercolors would not have any impact on artists ' oil colour cover. To thickly, with Acrylic colors.

(5) the ink. Use of Chinese painting and calligraphy in ink, is a very interesting thing. Ink can cover it with artists ' oil colour, could be retained, it will not easily be turpentine wash off.

(6) carbon paper. Can sketch draft copies of the paper to the canvas. At sketch draft stage, hair spray, liquid fixatives are indispensable. Caducous or pan color material is necessary to spray a fixative. In addition, various rubber, cloth and other essential goo

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