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- Nov 29, 2016 -

Seasoned with transparent oil paint, made of cloth, paper, wood and other materials shaping the artistic image of the painting. Its origin and development in Europe, an important painting to the modern world. Before 15th century European painting in tempera painting's predecessor. The use of tempera painting at the same time, many artists continue to search for better reconciling agent. Generally, early 15th century Netherland painters fan·Aike brothers is the founder of painting technique. They were based on previous attempt dissolved in oil paints, linseed oil and walnut oil painting as a blending agent, paint brush when smooth, moderate paint drying time on the screen, easy to paint multiple coverage and changes in the process to form a rich color and gloss

, Dry paint adhesion, easy peeling and fading. They use new oil painting materials and painting was influential at the time. Oil painting techniques soon spread in other countries in Western Europe, especially in Italy's Venice developed rapidly.

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