Modern Oil Painting

- Nov 29, 2016 -

The development of oil painting in the 19th century there was a new trend, mainly oil painting color change. United Kingdom artist j. Constable's first direct oil painting outside painting, rich color, he used small strokes and put local color to make it blend of distinctive colors, picture a classic brown tone brighter. Color color color wheel, the complement of the Poles in juxtaposition can enhance each other's lightness and strength of the principle was later known by science, but Constable by virtue of the nature of observations to obtain complementary principle in perceptual and partially used in practice. His work inspired France artist e. Delacroix. Delacroix to romantic ideas dominate the creation, according to the event theme painted sharply. He will complement relations used in the creation of more colors, using Active brushwork, color contrast in many parts of the picture, enhances the brightness and a unique sense of color, forming a shock style of painting. France many painters of the Barbizon School of painting in a variety of natural landscapes under climatic conditions, recognizing the scene light source color, natural color, and the relationships between environment, recognizing the tones reflect the time, environment, atmosphere, heighten the artistic themes, constitute a picture of mood and the mood of great significance. They draw lots of scenery creation nature wind, rain, morning, certain colors, such as atmosphere in the evening.

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