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- Nov 29, 2016 -

Painting of the school is divided into two categories. Reproduction of the first category is based on objective-oriented creative work; the second is mainly based on subjective performance of creative work.

In first class, such as occurred after the Renaissance Baroque, luokeke, classical, College, romanticism, realism, realism, photorealism, impressionism was based on the representation of nature, performance artist different ideas and purposes. Baroque-the Baroque popular in the 17th century to 18th century. "Baroque" intent of the term is irregular, twisted, eerie meaning. Respected movement distortion figure plump and feeling in its language strong, exaggerated, dynamic, flashy, which is characteristic of baroque painting, the representative for the Rubens.

Luokeke-"mega g" originally refers to the shape of the shell, its artistic style is tedious and delicate, slender, sweet, popular in the 18th century, its representative painter Hua Duo and fulangsuo·buou.

Classicism--classicism with the school are based on respect for ancient Greece and Roman aesthetic principles, symmetrical and balanced composition, the momentum's solemn, splendid, sublime, superb technique, portrait. This is the Institute's principles. As school founder faqinuo said "the United States is the Supreme goal of all works of art, it is an objective nature of things, by order, harmony, proportion, rules constituted." Its representative Raphael, Ingres, and so on.

Romanticism-romanticism-originated in France beginning of the 19th century, his masterpiece is Gericault's raft of the Medusa, in this work of composition, lighting, color, dynamic, rich expressions show the artist's imagination, it breaks the classical composition of the horizontal and vertical, soft light and uniform, which produce a passion. This painting is an important element of feeling and expression of catharsis.

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