Painting Of The Main Material, And What Are The Tools?

- Nov 29, 2016 -

Main materials and tools of painting pigments, turpentine, brushes, painting knives, canvas, oil, outer frame and so on.

① pigments, minerals and chemical synthesis of two categories. Original pigment for mineral pigments, and grind to a fine powder by hand, paint reconciliation only when stopped. Modern industrial mass production, into the tube and paint the variety has increased. Properties of pigments and their chemical composition, when tinting, chemical action may produce adverse reactions between the pigment. Thus, the performance tips help to realize the full oil painting master paint colors durable and works the same.

Secondly, turpentine, is a volatile oils for medical use. In the modulation of oil painting, paint is thinned. A couple of minutes to completely evaporate, matte dry. Turpentine oil and toner in a certain proportion to mix, dry fast, colors are very bright.

③ pen, made of animal hair elastic medium, rush round, flat front flat, short front flat and fan-shaped, and so on.

④ painting knife, also known as the palette knife, made with flexible thin steel sheet, sharp or round shape, used to mix pigments on the palette, many painters Ghost with a knife, knife directly painting on canvas or partially formed pigment levels, textures, increasing performance.

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