Sketch Draft

- Nov 29, 2016 -

Generally speaking, sketch is a rough draft of your artwork, images with a few random lines sketched out the general shape and decided to screen the final result is the color of shape. Using the direct method of painting artist, sketching draft may be the case. So far as the artist of classical realistic painting, sketch draft is very important, it is the artist's modeling language is all about. Because the sketch is the most basic form of artistic expression, is the first step of exchange between artists and nature. Here we examine the young artist Chao GE sketch draft process, as shown in Figure 25.

(1) outlines a vision of the first draft on paper with a pencil to draw the composition and character expressions, and then painting the model. In painting, the painter mainly based on emotional factors, the shape and look of the characters as close as possible to the object.

(2) to fully appreciate the intrinsic qualities of models in the painting process, firmly seize the opportunity of this open spirit be strengthened. Then, the painter according to sketch drafts processed, summarized and refined.

(3) in the first two draft sketch continuous evolution and language purification on the basis of the third sketch version of creation. This step is stress contour lines, shape more plentiful, people in the presence of light to produce a sense of relief. While substantial local content, draw more surely. Sketch after you finalize your artwork, artists in a very strict way (Squared) draft copies of sketch on the canvas. In view of this, sketch draft is a flexible modeling process, it allows and even encourages constant revision and adjustment, all of which is to establish a clear satisfactory visual image. In the initial stage of any oil painting, is there a reason it is necessary to spend a lot of time sketching drafts. Sketch draft is not necessarily on the tone, directly on the canvas with a line change, adjustment, simple color can also be used to determine the picture's main color and color relationships.

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